Who is responsible

Accidents happen in all kinds of ways. Sometimes people can slip and fall in a public place, while other times a product was improperly designed or manufactured causing injury. Car accidents and medical malpractice can also fall within accident injury law. In these cases, a negligent party could be held liable.

Time Restraints

Every state has its own specific statutes regarding accidental injury, which includes the time within which a lawsuit can be filed after an accident has taken place. In Texas, as with many states, this statute of limitations period is two years from the date that the accident took place.

Accident or negligence

To prevent accidents from happening, it is important to make sure safety is a top concern at all times. For instance, if there is a slippery patch of ice by an entrance or a wet floor in a store or restaurant, that area should be marked or blocked from use. If not, and someone slips and is injured, the person responsible for maintaining that area may be held liable.

Workers Compensation

In cases where a worker is injured on the job, that person may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits while recovering from the injuries. While this kind of legal approach does not necessarily involve a lawsuit, it does fall within the jurisdiction of accident and injury law. If gross negligence was involved, it’s possible for the injured person to file a lawsuit.

Have your case evaluated

Accident injury law in Texas can be complicated to sort out and even more complicated to implement in the court system. If you’ve been injured due to someone’s negligence, or even if you’re not sure if you have a valid legal case, talk to a Tyler TX injury attorney to have your case evaluated. You might be able to recover all your recovery costs plus financial compensation for pain and suffering.